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Setting Up Your Home for Student Success

The home environment is very important to a child. Not only is it their haven from the world, but it is the place where they get molded for their work ethic, self-esteem, their sense of self-value and it should be a place of nurture.

Here are some tips for creating a home that is conducive for student success:

1. Create a Study/Homework Area
Ideally, your student should have a quiet place to do homework, projects and to sit and study. It’s an important addition to a home when a child starts school and it should be conducive for making the most of their time. Choose a space in your home that has the least amount of distractions and clutter, and it should be quiet and comfortable.

2. Add a Home Library
Reading is an essential skill that every child needs to learn in order to support their potential for success in life. Studies indicate that reading can help babies develop their speech and language skills, and it opens the imagination.

In your child’s room or study area put up a fun library or shelf of books relevant to their age. Also, ensure that plenty more books are visible in the house such as an office library. If you model for your child a love of reading, they’re more likely to follow your example.

3. Minimize Stressors

It is vital to keep the home as pleasant and peaceful as possible. Stress is terrible for the body, and specifically bad for the brain. Research shows that cortisol (stress hormone) chews up the brain if it lingers there long-term.

Arguments and major disagreements with spouses or significant others scare and scar a child. If possible, conduct unpleasant conversations out of the hearing range of your children.

Is your home reasonably organized and clean? Without order, a home can feel chaotic, and the opposite of peaceful. Your family might find it difficult to relax or find tranquility amongst clutter and disarray. In contrast, a clean and reasonably orderly home provides a space for your family to de-stress and untangle from stressors from the outside world.

Findings from an American College Health Association National College Health Assessment reported that greater than 25 percent of students state that stress plays a factor in lowered grades and in their ability to finish a course.

It’s vital for parents to recognize the significant impact that stress has on our children, and work to create a supportive and calm environment.

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