Efficient SAT and ACT Prep

Test preparation for the SATs and ACTs are the same all over the country; however, a level of personalization can preempt any wastes of time. When a prospective student comes to Champion Reading for help in preparing for either of those tests, we begin by giving the student a diagnostic test. We have found over the years that after holding these tests, we can provide to the prospective student the very best and complete methods to enable future success for that child.

Once this test is graded and dissected by our qualified teacher, the student receives a two-hour tutoring session wherein we go over the results of the analysis with the student and the parent/s. We also help the student decide which test might serve that child best, or depending on the results, maybe both. During this initial session, we can usually determine approximately how many times a student should come for tutoring in order to achieve their desired scores.

During the subsequent sessions, our teacher teaches the student only what they need to learn. Instead of wasting time going over material the student learned in third grade and mastered, we go straight to the challenges and teach them what they don’t know. All of our sessions are one-on-one and are conducted with an efficiency of learning in mind!

Extra Tip:
It is also helpful to know to which colleges the child wishes to apply so that we know the requirements from that particular college for that specific child.

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