Champion Reading’s skill-specific courses remove the fear and dread of reading and equip students with the skills they need to dramatically increase the potential for success. We emphasize concentration and how to "work smart instead of hard." Unlike tutoring programs or generic workshops, our courses use a proprietary system that includes mind-mapping to provide guaranteed results.

Champion Reading Foundation Course

  • Ten-hour course in speed reading, comprehension, mind mapping, concentration, retention, and recall
  • Testing before, during and after to determine and monitor speed, comprehension & reading rate

Advanced Course for Professionals

  • Advanced skills for more intense concentration, faster reading speeds, mind mapping & recall
  • Read emails, contracts, white papers, journals, articles, studies...more efficiently

Advanced Mind Mapping for Students

This two-hour add-on course teaches advanced mind mapping techniques for brainstorming, expanding creativity, and more efficient note taking in class.

Champion SAT/ACT Preparation

One-on-one SAT/ACT prep classes tailored to the needs of the student. Our staff is highly qualified with an outstanding track record of success. Evening and weekend hours available.

Champion Study Skills & Test-Taking Course

Two-hour additional course offering solid study skill and test-taking techniques. It includes our proprietary 6-step formula for reading and absorbing a textbook chapter in under an hour with all pertinent notes on one sheet of paper. This mind map becomes a very powerful review sheet. (suitable for adults or students)

Advanced Mind Mapping for Professionals

Two-hour additional course of mind mapping techniques for brainstorming, efficient note taking, detailing mission-critical information, and streamlining operations. Excellent for project management.

Power Learning Time Management & Organization Course

  • Put an end to forgotten appointments, missed assignments, and missing papers and files.
  • Four hour course with in-depth and personalized solutions for more efficient time management and organization. (Suitable for adults or students)
  • Find more time in your day.
  • Control your emails, clutter, and chaos.
  • Topics covered include suggestions for dealing with messy backpacks, lockers, rooms, closets, desktops, and drawers.
  • We even have remedies for those people who have piles of critical documents on the floor surrounding their desks.

Super Advanced Champion Reading Course

Two hours of extra high-intensity drills, and advanced hand motions. This course is for the student who wants to read everything, remember information and become truly “information-targeted.” Speeds of 5,000-10,000+ words per minute are achievable within this advanced add-on course.

Champion Writing

If your writing skills aren't where you would like them to be, Champion Reading can help you increase your writing skills in a convenient and economical way.

We begin by sending you a questionnaire that will help us determine the areas on which focus is needed. Then we continue on to a two-hour discovery and learning session. Any additional instruction needed can be done remotely, thus saving you time and money.

Additional sessions are also available where we offer specific instruction for college and intern application essays. We will help you find your voice and your message, and help you craft an essay for your college application that helps you stand out from the other applicants.

Champion Reading can also offer insight on crafting a message with your target school in mind. 

What Our Students Say

“Thank you for all you did for our son. You pushed, motivated and challenged [student]. As a result of your knowledge, diligence and passion for learning; [student] has regained his academic confidence. I know that my son is ready and equipped to excel at LSU this fall. We are so thrilled with the improvements he has made after taking your course. Your course is truly a GAME CHANGER and is priceless! Thank you again for preparing and inspiring our son.”-Officer Latin

“I’m really going to miss going to lessons. It really impacted me and my perspective on school. Thanks for everything you did to improve my education and focus. I’m so glad I have the skills to read very fast and comprehend. Some people look at me like I am a magician when I show them. I will never regret going to your class!” -B. Rivas, 8th-grade student

“You turned [student] into a pleasure reader! Right now, she’s devouring books!” ~I. Gerrard, Parent

“[Student] was somewhat insecure about reading and would do anything to avoid it. You turned on a switch inside her somehow. Magical genius! Huge thank you! You made a huge impact on our daughter’s life in the short time she spent with you. We are grateful for you!!” ~R. Hecker, Parent