For over 30 years, Champion Reading has helped thousands of students and professionals excel at one of life’s most vital skills. Our students overcome their fear and dread of reading and, instead, feel empowered and confident. The skills and confidence they attain inevitably seep into other areas of their lives to drastically improve potential successes. We’re so confident of the results you can achieve with our program that we offer a guarantee!*

Did you know that colleges and universities like Baylor University give away scholarships based on a student's SAT or ACT score?  Your student can earn thousands of dollars in scholarships based just on their test scores.


Our students achieve tremendous increases in the speeds at which they read. It’s not uncommon for our students to achieve an increase in speed that is 20 - 100 times faster than when they came to us. One of the beautiful things about our particular system for speed reading is that students learn how to apply the right speed reading technique for the material they're reading, and they have control over the speed at which they're reading.

Comprehension & Retention

It’s one thing to read at an impressive speed, but it’s vital to actually comprehend and retain what you read. Champion Reading students learn multiple techniques for rapid reading and learn which technique is best for the material they are reading at the time. Our students consistently see dramatic increases in both comprehension and retention.


Students see such remarkable improvements that their confidence is naturally boosted. They feel empowered and feel confident that they’ve mastered a skill required to boost their potentials for success. Consequently, improvements are seen in other areas of their lives.

Many of our students have gone on to attend Ivy League schools and have careers as judges, high-level attorneys, executives, entertainers, and educators.

Katherine P.

Texas Tech

“It has helped tremendously with both my reading assignments and my essay writing. It cuts down my study time from around three to four hours a day to an hour and a half for a 19-hour course load. My average speed is 50,000 words per minute, making an average 500 page book take me about half an hour at most.”

Lt. Paul Dugger

“There is no doubt that Champion Reading will make you a better student and test taker. That translates into a better chance for promotion.”

Tim Lewis

High School Teacher, Private School

“Everyone must have this. Students of mine who have taken this course have seen their grades increase dramatically. It has increased their confidence and their overall joy of learning.”

*We guarantee that any student enrolled in our ten-hour Champion Reading Course who does not minimally TRIPLE his/her reading rate will have his/her share of the fee returned. The student must attend the course for the full amount of time and do all required practice. Reading rate is calculated by multiplying speed by the comprehension test score.