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Course Information

Course Information

Laying the groundwork for success!

Ten hour course of instruction in speed reading, comprehension, mind mapping, concentration, retention and recall.  There are tests at each session to determine speed, comprehension, and reading rate.  This is a guaranteed course, details below.

Perfecting the skills!

Four hour additional Champion Reading  Course  providing advanced skills.  Emphasis is on higher speed, more intense concentration,  mind mapping, and recall.  There is an additional competency benchmark in this segment.

Techniques are taught for more efficient reading of business correspondence, emails, contracts, business newspapers and periodicals, scientific  journal articles, and  technical reports.  Additionally, a segment is included for  reading more efficiently on-line.

Excellent tool for sharpening skills.

Four hour additional Champion Reading Course with an emphasis on  higher speed, more intense concentration, in-depth mind mapping, and recall.  There is an additional test in this segment.  Techniques are taught for reading a novel for class or for fun, as well as reading research on-line more efficiently.

Two hour additional course  of mind mapping techniques for brainstorming, efficient note taking, detailing mission-critical information, and streamlining operations.  Excellent for project management.

Two hour additional course  of mind mapping techniques for brainstorming, expanding creativity, and more efficient note taking in class.

(suitable for adults or students)

Two hour additional  course offering solid study skill and test taking techniques.  This course also includes our 6-step formula for reading and absorbing  a textbook chapter in under an hour with all pertinent notes on one sheet of paper.  This mind map becomes a very powerful review sheet.

“Get a grip on your stuff!” (suitable for adults or students)

Four hour course with in depth and personalized solutions for more efficient time management and organization.  Put an end to forgotten appointments,  missed assignments,  and missing papers and files.  Find more time in your day.  Control your emails, clutter and chaos.  Topics covered include suggestions for dealing with messy  backpacks, lockers, rooms, closets, desk tops and drawers.  We even have remedies for those people who have piles of critical documents on the floor surrounding their desks.

Four hour course provides instruction on how to become an active  as opposed to a passive listener.  If you have ever been told that you didn’t hear someone accurately, then this course is for you.

Four hour high intensity course suitable for high school or college students as well as anyone desiring an improved vocabulary.  Instruction given on how to memorize definitions and retain and spell large quantities of new words.   This course is a ”must have” for the serious student taking an SAT/ACT/LSAT/MCAT, etc.

Two hours of extra high intensity drills, one extra test, advanced hand motions.  This course is for the student  who wants to read everything, remember information and  become truly “information-targeted”.   Speeds of 5,000, 10,000 and higher words per minute are achievable within this advanced add-on course.

Two hour add on course for memory improvement,  memorization, help with finding your learning plateaus, the type of learner you are for different subjects, and an exposure to mnemonics.

One-on-one SAT/ACT prep classes tailored to the needs of the student.  Our staff is highly qualified with an outstanding track record of success.  Evening and weekend hours available.

The Champion Reading course is guaranteed whereby if an individual attends all classes and performs all required home practice, we guarantee to triple the beginning reading rate or refund the fee. Reading rate is calculated by multiplying speed by comprehension test score.

It is possible to partake in our courses without taking any tests, merely to learn the skills, but no guarantee would be given.